It’s Finally Here – Part Two

A small update since the last entry I made about the iPhone in Malaysia.

Photo from jarmo_k on PhotoBucket

March 21st and 22nd has come around and the iPhone launch (GA) by Maxis has largely passed in what I’d call obscurity. Obscure because there wasn’t the rush that Singapore or US saw. Certainly from the rumblings at the launch hall, it was a rather muted and sedate affair. Pretty much like the bums bumming around.

Anyway around the web I stumbled ( more correctly neko did ) this website by sapiensbryan. He summed up his reasons why the iPhone would fail pretty well IMHO. I’d certainly agree:

There are phones out there are much better and can pretty much do anything that the iPhone can do. Oh yeah. They’ve been in Malaysia earlier.

The post can be found here.


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